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What We Do

TV Commercials

MillK has produced a wide range of commercial content from script to screen, from bespoke studio sets to wild water swimmers; pets to pyjama parties, our Producers work hand in hand with experienced Directors and crew to realise your creative vision.


With years of experience creating commercials the MillK team are always on hand to provide solutions, guide the process, and develop high-level and hard-working advertising for both TV and online.

The icing on the cake is our roster of talented Directors.

Brand and social content

Working directly with global brands and alongside some of the UK’s leading creative agencies, we produce digital campaigns and immersive content as part of global campaigns. We think outside of the box and allow storytelling to lead our clients’ communication plans.


The key to our success is working in partnership with our clients to maximise their budget, by utilising the experience of our multi-skilled team. We problem-solve, offer options on shooting methods, source locations, manage on-screen talent and casting, and lead all production logistics and post-production delivery.


The MillK team all started their careers in TV Production working in-house with the major broadcasters, learning their craft in directing, shooting, producing and delivering. Our work has taken us around the world capturing travel series, light entertainment, news content and documentaries.


Excellent storytelling is the common thread and the team loves nothing more than getting under the skin of a brilliant story. We research it, develop it and craft it to ensure it is captivating and thought-provoking.


From location searches and casting to permits, buyouts and licencing, MillK can cover every aspect of Pre-Production ensuring that your project starts off on the right foot, heading to success.


With our Director's roster, array of brilliant crew, and Producers, MillK ensures your production runs smoothly on the day. We add value at every single stage of the project and ensure that you have fun in the process.


Working alongside our sister company, JAR Post, we can handle every single aspect of Post-Production. Should you need edit, motion gfx, colour grade, audio dub or channel delivery, we can handle it all. Check out our location page here to learn more about JAR and our capabilities.

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